Labret, a derivation of the lat. word Labrum = lip, designated in its original form the whole of the piercings, which one carried in the lip area. Today, however, the names are much broader and more stylish. The Labret Piercing was given more weight in the lower lip area. Labret plugs are often used for this purpose. The selected assortment captivates by a Bioplast plug, which is very allergy-friendly and also treats your teeth as carefully as possible, as well as an attachment from the precious metals silver or 18k real gold. A Swarovski crystal provides the sparkle at the edge of the lips. For our customers only the best is good enough and in this case also the noble.

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1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
18K Gold
Silver 925
Swarovski crystal
light blue
light pink
light magenta
Heart / Love
6.0mm Length
8.0mm Length
10mm Length
1.9mm Width
2.0mm Width
3.0mm Width
3.3mm Width
3.5mm Width
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CHF 24.40 EUR 17,30 €
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11 Colors
CHF 25.20 EUR 17,90 €
11 Colors
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CHF 50.30 EUR 35,70 €
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CHF 51.20 EUR 36,40 €

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12 Items

Our selection of Labret Piercings refers to the plug shape. These are Labret plugs into which the locks are screwed. The plugs are made of Bioplast plastic. However, the corresponding clasps are made of silver 925 or 18k gold and are partially equipped with a zirconia stone or crystal, which can be selected in their color (aqua, blue, green, violet, red, multicolor, fuchsia or white). The stones can also appear as a star or heart.

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