All barbells made of bioplast are hypoallergenic. This means, there are no cases known where people suffered from any allergies provoked by bioplast (nor by titanium). Furthermore, these piercings are flexible. This flexibility makes bioplast comfortable to wear. Transparent bioplast piercings are perfect if your piercing should not be showy and you do not want your pierced body part to heal. During pregnancy, bananas (curved barbells) are the perfect choice. You just need two closures (balls, spikes) from this category Balls.

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1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
up to 2 g
18K Gold
Surgical Steel 316L
Black PVD-coating
Swarovski crystal
light pink
light purple
For nasal septum
Circular Barbell
Curved Barbell
Ideal for belly piercing, during pregnancy
10mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
6.0mm Length
7.0mm Length
8.0mm Length
9.0mm Length
10mm Length
11mm Length
12mm Length
14mm Length
15mm Length
16mm Length
18mm Length
20mm Length
22mm Length
24mm Length
28mm Length
10x3mm Size
10x4mm Size
10x5mm Size
12x3mm Size
12x4mm Size
12x5mm Size
2.0mm Width
2.35mm Width
Ball Diameter
5.0mm Ball Diameter
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Are you looking for your tragus, labret, lower lip, helix, navel, septum, Christina, mons veneris, industrial, lip band, nipple, conch, clitoris, clitoris foreskin, cheek, labia and/or snug piercing a soft plastic rod that is top suitable for allergy sufferers? Welcome to Bioplast rods. The rods are made of plastic, which is also used in medicine to nip allergic reactions in the bud if possible. The rods often come without threads. However, a cap can still be screwed onto it without any problems. In addition, it is possible that closures made of surgical steel 316L or 18k gold are already included. Order your Bioplast piercing pole today - for a pleasant wearing comfort.

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