These narrow bracelets are the absolute eye-catcher at the beach, at the lake or for the summer in general. Combine many of these bracelets to make your summer look complete! They are also very liked as friendship bracelets.

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Stainless Steel
Black PVD-coating
PVD-coating (gold color)
Silver 925
Synthetic stone
Waxed linen
dark blue
rose gold color
Eternal / Loop / E..
Heart / Love
Om / Aum / God / U..
Adjustable length
For self-tying
11mm Diameter
13mm Diameter
17.5cm Length
18cm Length
20cm Length
4.0mm Width
5.0mm Width
6.0mm Width
6.5mm Width
7.0mm Width
8.0mm Width
10.5mm Width
12.5mm Width
13mm Width
14mm Width
19mm Width
20mm Width
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19 Items
Beach bracelet
CHF 45.70 EUR 32,40 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 38.90 EUR 27,60 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 34.70 EUR 24,60 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 25.40 EUR 18,00 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 23.10 EUR 16,40 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 32.90 EUR 23,40 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 36.30 EUR 25,80 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 24.30 EUR 17,30 €
PAUL HEWITT Beach bracelet
CHF 69.00 EUR 49,00 €
PAUL HEWITT Beach bracelet
CHF 69.00 EUR 49,00 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 31.80 EUR 22,60 €
PAUL HEWITT Beach bracelet
CHF 69.00 EUR 49,00 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 31.60 EUR 22,40 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 32.10 EUR 22,80 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 25.40 EUR 18,00 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 33.40 EUR 23,70 €
PAUL HEWITT Beach bracelet
CHF 59.00 EUR 41,90 €
PAUL HEWITT Beach bracelet
CHF 49.00 EUR 34,80 €
Beach bracelet
CHF 33.50 EUR 23,80 €

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19 Items

It doesn't always have to be silver. Very stylish, narrow bracelets can also be made of nylon, cotton and leather. The knotted or braided look arouses interest, provides variety and represents something infinite, endless, eternal. But we don't want to do without metal completely. With silver 925, brass or stainless steel a refinement takes place with the lock design or even with the emphasis of the symbolism such as heart, star, eternity symbol or anchor. But not only the metal helps to round off the design, but also cleverly placed crystals and stones. If you would like to treat yourself to this great jewellery, which also reminds you of ethno and Indian culture, you are welcome to place an order with us. We'll make sure you have her at home in a flash!

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