Bracelets made of silicone and stainless steel can be shortened easily and adjusted to all kinds of wrist. From simple to sophisticatedly patterned, there is a bracelet for every choice. Silicone stands out for its pleasantly wearing comfort because it is very light and doesn't feel cool on the skin. Furthermore, both silicone and stainless steel are notedly kind to the skin.

Price up to CHF
up to CHF 50.-
up to CHF 55.-
up to CHF 60.-
up to CHF 65.-
Max. weight
up to 12 g
up to 14 g
up to 16 g
up to 18 g
up to 20 g
up to 25 g
Stainless Steel
PVD-coating (gold color)
Salamander / Gecko..
Tribal pattern
Matt finish
21cm Length
22cm Length
23cm Length
7.5mm Width
8.0mm Width
10mm Width
11.4mm Width
11.5mm Width
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