These bracelets made of leather are very popular amoung men and also women. Some of the bracelets are decorated with stainless steel components, others have brass rivets. And others are made of pure leather except of its closure. Leather fans can find here what they are looking for. Please consider that leather becomes wrinkly while wearing. However, this intensifies the vintage look and makes the leather soft and more comfortable to wear.

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up to 12 g
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up to 30 g
up to 35 g
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up to 45 g
Stainless Steel
dark brown
Fur / Fur pattern ..
Adjustable length
16.5-21.5cm Length
17-19cm Length
17-22cm Length
18.5-20cm Length
19-20.5cm Length
20-26cm Length
2.2cm Width
2.8cm Width
3.0cm Width
28mm Width
35mm Width
46mm Width
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CHF 48.60 EUR 34,50 €
CHF 57.60 EUR 40,90 €
CHF 55.90 EUR 39,70 €
CHF 62.40 EUR 44,30 €
CHF 62.60 EUR 44,40 €

All prices include VAT.

10 Items

Solid jewellery for ladies and especially men. With stainless steel as the basic component, gold, PVC and plastic are also used to give the bracelet a great style. The wide pieces in black, white, gold or silver can also be trumped with crystals. Great gift for Christmas or Valentine's Day.

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