These bracelets made of leather are very popular amoung men and also women. Some of the bracelets are decorated with stainless steel components, others have brass rivets. And others are made of pure leather except of its closure. Leather fans can find here what they are looking for. Please consider that leather becomes wrinkly while wearing. However, this intensifies the vintage look and makes the leather soft and more comfortable to wear.

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Surgical Steel 316L
Stainless Steel
Black PVD-coating
PVD-coating (gold color)
Fresh water pearl
Synthetic stone
Tamarind wood
dark blue
dark brown
golden white
light brown
rose gold color
Eternal / Loop / E..
Heart / Love
Stripes / Grooves ..
Fur / Fur pattern ..
Skull / Skeleton
Tribal pattern
Has shiny and matt parts
Adjustable length
With magnet clasp
120cm Length
16.5cm Length
17cm Length
18-20cm Length
18.5-24cm Length
19-22cm Length
19.5cm Length
19cm Length
20.5cm Length
20cm Length
21.5cm Length
21cm Length
22cm Length
3.0mm Width
7.0mm Width
8.0mm Width
9.0mm Width
10mm Width
11mm Width
12mm Width
13mm Width
14mm Width
15mm Width
16mm Width
17.5mm Width
17mm Width
18mm Width
20mm Width
29mm Width
ca.15mm Width
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2 Colors
CHF 23.80 EUR 16,90 €
CHF 42.50 44%until 20.10.19
CHF 65.90 EUR 46,80 €
5 Sizes
CHF 48.90 EUR 34,70 €
CHF 65.90 EUR 46,80 €
3 Sizes
CHF 55.90 EUR 39,70 €
5 Sizes
CHF 34.50 EUR 24,50 €
CHF 61.70 EUR 43,80 €
3 Sizes
CHF 58.90 EUR 41,80 €
2 Sizes
CHF 57.30 EUR 40,70 €
5 Sizes
CHF 48.40 EUR 34,40 €
CHF 71.90 EUR 51,00 €
CHF 59.20 EUR 42,00 €
4 Sizes
CHF 44.90 EUR 31,90 €
CHF 79.10 EUR 56,20 €
4 Sizes
CHF 44.90 EUR 31,90 €
4 Sizes
CHF 43.20 EUR 30,70 €
CHF 52.60 EUR 37,30 €
CHF 52.30 EUR 37,10 €
2 Colors
CHF 47.70 EUR 33,90 €
CHF 69.90 EUR 49,60 €
CHF 80.40 EUR 57,10 €
5 Sizes
CHF 50.50 EUR 35,90 €
CHF 75.40 EUR 53,50 €
5 Sizes
CHF 60.30 EUR 42,80 €
CHF 62.20 EUR 44,20 €
FOSSIL Bracelet
CHF 55.00 EUR 39,10 €
5 Sizes
CHF 34.50 EUR 24,50 €
2 Colors
CHF 45.80 EUR 32,50 €
CHF 74.10 EUR 52,60 €
FOSSIL Bracelet
CHF 45.00 EUR 32,00 €
2 Colors
CHF 28.50 EUR 20,20 €
CHF 62.20 EUR 44,20 €
CHF 65.40 EUR 46,40 €
CHF 56.50 EUR 40,10 €
CHF 73.80 EUR 52,40 €
CHF 73.80 EUR 52,40 €
CHF 56.10 EUR 39,80 €
CHF 63.50 EUR 45,10 €
CHF 47.80 EUR 33,90 €
CHF 70.90 EUR 50,30 €
3 Sizes
CHF 61.20 EUR 43,50 €
2 Sizes
CHF 65.20 EUR 46,30 €
3 Sizes
CHF 57.00 EUR 40,50 €
3 Sizes
CHF 51.20 EUR 36,40 €
3 Sizes
CHF 48.10 EUR 34,20 €
3 Sizes
CHF 60.80 EUR 43,20 €
2 Colors
CHF 49.10 EUR 34,90 €
4 Sizes
CHF 74.30 EUR 52,80 €
6 Sizes
CHF 59.90 EUR 42,50 €
6 Sizes
CHF 60.30 EUR 42,80 €

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It is chic, the jewellery for arm, wrist and hand. The simple, slim bracelet, also from the FOSSIL brand, made of leather is complemented with stainless steel, gold, shell, plastic, cotton or wood to a beautiful piece of jewelry. Stones and freshwater pearls are also used. Symbols such as cross, heart, love, anchor, love, love, crystal, flower, skull, skull, bone, skeleton, symbol, snake, wave, stripes, grooves, lines or the ethno style give the piece of jewelry a stylish touch. Also coloured with black, turquoise, white, red, brown, aqua, violet, multicolour, beige, dark brown, gold coloured, silver coloured, amber yellow trendy accents are set. May also be worn as a friendship bracelet.

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