These classic surfer bracelets are made of wooden pearls and partly of other materials as indicated in the item description. They match perfectly with our Surfer Necklaces. They are flexible and therefore can be easily slipped over the wrist. These surfer bracelets should be taken off when showering or bathing in order to keep them beautiful for a long time. They can be shortened in an easy way if necessary: Cut, remove a few beads and lace again.

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Buffalo bone
Coconut wood
Sea shell
dark brown
Jamaica / Reggae
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Surfer bracelet
CHF 5.60 EUR 4,00 €
CHF 9.10 38%until 20.10.19
Surfer bracelet
CHF 15.80 EUR 11,20 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 17.20 EUR 12,20 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 9.10 EUR 6,50 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 11.00 EUR 7,80 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 15.60 EUR 11,10 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 16.20 EUR 11,50 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 16.10 EUR 11,40 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 15.60 EUR 11,10 €

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9 Items
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