These bracelets are classic, elegant and gorgeous. They give you a touch of luxury at a reasonable price. Almost all these bracelets are elastic or adjustable in size.

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Max. weight
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up to 18 g
up to 20 g
up to 25 g
Stainless Steel
Lapis Lazuli
Rhodium plated brass
PVD-coating (gold color)
Rose quartz
Silver 925
Fresh water pearl
Tigerīs eye
amber yellow
dark brown
golden white
light pink
light magenta
light purple
Heart / Love
Adjustable length
With magnet clasp
Matt finish
15cm Length
18.5-21cm Length
18.5cm Length
18cm Length
21cm Length
5.0mm Width
9.0mm Width
10mm Width
11mm Width
12mm Width
20mm Width
Ball Diameter
12mm Ball Diameter
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23 Items
CHF 65.20 EUR 46,30 €
3 Sizes
CHF 73.20 EUR 52,00 €
CHF 72.30 EUR 51,30 €
3 Sizes
CHF 61.20 EUR 43,50 €
4 Sizes
CHF 64.30 EUR 45,70 €
CHF 84.00 EUR 59,60 €
CHF 83.60 EUR 59,40 €
3 Sizes
CHF 56.20 EUR 39,90 €
CHF 68.90 EUR 48,90 €
2 Sizes
CHF 70.10 EUR 49,80 €
CHF 62.30 EUR 44,20 €
CHF 53.50 EUR 38,00 €
3 Sizes
CHF 60.70 EUR 43,10 €
3 Sizes
CHF 60.70 EUR 43,10 €
3 Sizes
CHF 61.20 EUR 43,50 €
4 Sizes
CHF 34.20 EUR 24,30 €
CHF 69.20 EUR 49,10 €
CHF 68.30 EUR 48,50 €
CHF 82.40 EUR 58,50 €
4 Sizes
CHF 49.30 EUR 35,00 €
4 Colors
CHF 38.00 EUR 27,00 €
4 Sizes
CHF 43.80 EUR 31,10 €
FOSSIL Bracelet
CHF 35.00 EUR 24,80 €

All prices include VAT.

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23 Items

Beautiful and elegant bracelets for arm, wrist and hand. Made of silver 925, stainless steel or nylon and complemented with leather, stone, gold, shell, glass, PVC, brass, plastic, they captivate especially with the stones agate, onyx, amethyst, rose quartz, freshwater pearl, Howlith. Heart and love symbols give the bracelet a piece of softness and softness. These special jewelry creations are also welcome on Valentine's Day or Christmas gifts.

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