These bracelets are available in different lengths and can be adjusted to the wanted length at a watch shop if necessary. Each bracelet is absolutely stainless and can be engraved to wear it as a friendship bracelet for example.

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Max. weight
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up to 45 g
up to 50 g
up to 75 g
Stainless Steel
Black PVD-coating
rose gold color
Heart / Love
Stripes / Grooves ..
Has shiny and matt parts
Adjustable length
14-18.5cm Length
14.5-19cm Length
17cm/19cm/20.5cm Length
19.5cm Length
20.5cm Length
21cm Length
22cm Length
6.0mm Width
7.0mm Width
8.0mm Width
9.0mm Width
10mm Width
12.5mm Width
12mm Width
13mm Width
14mm Width
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CHF 61.50 EUR 43,70 €
CHF 67.40 EUR 47,90 €
3 Sizes
CHF 42.50 EUR 30,20 €
CHF 73.80 EUR 52,40 €
CHF 44.60 EUR 31,70 €
CHF 60.80 EUR 43,20 €
CHF 58.60 EUR 41,60 €
CHF 69.40 EUR 49,30 €
CHF 49.50 EUR 35,10 €
2 Sizes
CHF 42.50 EUR 30,20 €
CHF 72.50 EUR 51,50 €

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16 Items

Super chic bracelets made of stainless steel want to decorate your wrist. The robust creations, which mainly appear in silver, but also in gold and rose gold, impress with their refined design and workmanship. The golden bracelet with the cheekily attached white heart symbol, which is set with white crystals, stands out as a Valentine's Day or Christmas present. Other pieces seek attention with stripes, grooves and lines or additionally processed fabrics such as PVC. Order today in our Swiss Online Shop and you will be supplied within shortest time!

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