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Let yourself be enchanted by our fancily made horn plugs and horn tunnels, all with shell cover, silver cover or resin cover. The plugs from this category are narrow in their middle part and wider at the edge. This way, the plug stays in the right position and cannot get lost.

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synthetic resin
Buffalo horn
Mother of Pearl
Paua Shell
Shiva´s Eye
Heart / Love
Om / Aum / God / U..
Poker / Card / Hea..
Jewelry for expanded earlobes
Tunnel, this means one can see through your earlobe
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13 Items

Cool horn plugs & tunnels made of Buffalo horn with black paint. Casual motifs such as heart, star, spades, diamonds, poker, om, shivas eye give the plug additional refinement. Also the structure of the shell makes the plug an eye-catcher. Order the jewellery for your stretched ear hole from Bijouteria, your Swiss jewellery online shop.

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