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Tunnels and plugs from this category have either a narrow middle part and a wide edge which keeps them in the right position or a sophisticated lock: The lower disk, which is slightly wider, can be removed from the plug and can be put back again after putting on the plug. The plug stays in its right position thanks to the disk with brim.

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Crocodile wood
Iron wood
Jackfruit wood
Liana Wood
Rose wood
Sawo wood
Sono wood
Tamarind wood
Teak wood
dark brown
light brown
Leaf / Plant pattern
Stripes / Grooves ..
Fur / Fur pattern ..
Jewelry for expanded earlobes
Tunnel, this means one can see through your earlobe
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25 Items

Cool plugs and tunnels for a natural look. The pieces of jewellery made of teak, ironwood, rosewood, coconut wood, crocodile wood and sonewood vary in their design as this is determined by the wood structure. Some are painted over in black, whereby the structure comes less to the fore. Most of them are round in shape, but a smart heart can sometimes run by. Also artfully painted plugs with flower or cross motif and wood with animal pattern similar print la zebra, tiger, leopard can be found in our assortment. The colours vary from brown, dark brown, beige, black, red and white. Order today - for your natural look!

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