Buy Steel Plugs at BIJOUTERIA. For men and women!

Trendy tunnels, which allows everyone to look through the stretched earlobes, are as much in fashion as the actual plugs, which decorate and visually enlarge pierced earlobes. Some of the tunnels have a screw top to make sure that the tunnel stays in the desired position. Other tunnels are wider on their peripheral which prevents them to slip out.

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Surgical Steel 316L
Black PVD-coating
Jewelry for expanded earlobes
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16 Items

Fashionable plugs for him and her. The earplug is made of surgical steel 316L, PVC or plastic and decorated with enamel, gold and stones. Partly available with rubber ring. The jewellery kept in black, white, red, blue, pink, green, aqua, violet, dark blue, gold-coloured and/or silver-coloured shades in simple, blind or Celtic design also come with symbols or patterns: tribal drawing, heart, love, star, crystal, symbol, dragon, salamander, geekko, lizard, leaf, plant pattern, pattern, wave, animal pattern, fur, zebra, leopard, tiger. Best order today in our jewellery shop.

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